In the mid-1980’s and into the 1990’s I wrote a weekly column in Salt Lake City’s major daily newspaper, The Deseret News. In all, I wrote over six hundred columns over a ten-year period before moving on to other things. Titled *Meanderings”, it was usually a perusal of what I might be thinking of at the time. The topics would range from history (both world and local), random wonderings, humorous personal anecdotes, etc….and from time to time I would delve into very serious subjects that I happened to have strong feelings about at the time. Basically, the column was an opportunity for me to express my views on anything I felt strongly, happily or frustratingly about. Later, together with my wife, Veloy, we selected fifty of the columns and published them in a book titled, “Meanderings, a Place to Grow”. (You can still acquire a copy by contacting the website).

Over the years I have also kept a fairly detailed personal journal. However, in the past few years I have not been as consistent with it, being satisfied to concentrate my expression for the most part through sculpture and, increasingly, painting.

However, I have noticed a hankering to write more lately and have realized that this blog—-which has been kept up by an assistant—-might just be the best place to verbally express my thoughts. I turn seventy in a week from now on June 16th. I can’t believe I will be so old. I want more time in my life and I am crossing my fingers and hoping I might get it. But I do love rib-eye steaks so much!!

I think I will have Chris, my assistant, come into the studio in the morning and take a photo or two of my working area at the Alpine Art Center to accompany this initial posting. I also have a studio at home a few blocks away from the art center, but I have found in the past few years that I prefer to spend most of my working time in the large studio with two or three other close colleagues….Kraig Varner, Deon Duncan and Scott Streadbeck… well as the community working atmosphere inspired by the thirty or so employees of the Adonis Bronze casting facility which adjoins the art center studio. I’ll have Chris take a few shots inside the studio and one or two of the foundry area as well. I’ll also ask Chris to add a little descriptive note of his own to the photos in order to give you an idea of the place where I spend my days these days.

I will try to post a new blog entry at least once a week and possibly more. I am excited to share with you some of the work which does not make its way into the art marketplace……my poetry, assemblages, collages, and drawings, for example. This gets me excited to spend a bit more time with the kind of projects which tend to fall between the cracks. This blog might change all that for me. I am looking forward to it a lot and hope to find the blog to be a more fulfilling avenue for personal expression.

This is the Alpine Art Center which Houses both the Art Center’s Reception and Catering business as well as Adonis Bronze Foundry.  I have my studio space inside.

My space.
Painting has grown into one of my favorite forms of expression.
A small window into the Adonis Bronze Foundry where all my sculptures are formed and finished into bronze.